“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”

– Socrates

How We Help

Converting More Leads to Clients Starts with a Strategy, Not an Ad Campaign

“Get me on the first page of Google” is a request we hear quite often. It makes complete sense, but when we look at where visitors go when they click on your organic link or Google Ad, there’s often a breakdown.

Please allow us to explain.

Recently we saw an ad for a motorcycle, and being interested in finding out more about that particular model, we clicked on the link, and were sent to the Home Page of the company. It was up to us to navigate our way through a confusing jumble of pages in order to find the specific motorcycle that caught our interest in the first place.

We gave up and left, never to return again.

You may laugh, but this kind of disconnect is more common than you may think. What the advertiser has failed to recognize is that there is a process that they must put in place for consumers to follow. There is a marketing and sales funnel that moves people from interested parties to loyal customers. But all too often consumers are left confused, and confused minds don’t buy.

Prospects go through a journey as they think about investing in a new camera. This process is basically the same for any purchase that requires evaluation and consideration.

Take a look at the AIDA Marketing Funnel shown below, which has four main phases: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. In order to get someone to take Action, they must go through the prior three phases.

Your Sales Funnel Digital Marketing Service WebAction Group

You may be getting lots of visitors to your website, so you are getting plenty of Attention. However, you may not be getting enough people to take the kind of Action you want, which is ultimately to become a paying client. The problem is one of conversion – of every 1,000 people who visit your site, how do you increase the number who become customers? And what are the steps that must be taken in between Attention and Action?

To achieve your goal, your conversion process needs to be improved so that more people stay in your funnel to go through the Interest and Desire phases.

Converting More Leads to Clients Starts with a Strategy, Not an Ad Campaign

Our analysis of the traffic and conversion process of many businesses shows that too many potential leads at the top of the funnel are falling through the cracks. This means that they are not optimizing their marketing ROI. No matter how much they spend, if they spend it in the wrong place, results won’t improve. (Some marketing firms sell advertising but don’t care if you lose money. Think of the big search and directory firms.) The solution to many problems is relatively simple, and the good news is that it often doesn’t require any additional advertising budget.

We are absolutely convinced that you can Spend Less, Earn More by making some simple changes to your conversion process. Ideally, this should be done within the context of an overall Strategy Assessment as well as ongoing Website Optimization.

Contact us and let’s talk in real terms about your business, your ideas and goals and make a plan, or rather, construct a strategy fit for your business to grow using one of the most effective and economical marketing tools in existence.

About WebAction Group & how we work

Do you do offer support for one time Web site update requests?

No, we do not offer support for one-time requests. Our clients and partners benefit from access to dedicated resources and daily account management, so, in order to provide them with our high-level of service, we just do not accept ad hoc requests, or single order “fixes”, from folks who are not enrolled in an active retainer agreement. If you’re looking for a quick website repair or a patch to your current digital environment, we can suggest checking out websites like fiverr.com.

We Are Exclusive

Local business is generally done within a 6-8 miles radius. People travel an average of about 6 miles to their dentist, doctor,  supermarket, drug store, etc., etc.

We do not work with our client’s competition because we see that as a conflict of interest. Only one business can be listed at Number One in a Google search results, so how can we work for more than one in the same industry, in the same local market? Others may but we do not.

What are your retainer commitments?

We offer 9, 12 and 18-month retainers to our clients. Retainers can range from just 9 months of SEO Services to 18 months with a full suite of support programs that can include a new website, website management, graphics and ad copy creation, SEO, social media management and more. We choose the services together and build a retainer package that will work best for you and your business.

Do you provide single project services?

With the exception of website projects, we work off a traditional retainer system. This means, once we partner with you, we work alongside you each month to manage your online marketing needs as well as all those little tidbits that can pop up at random. We’re a white glove service team and to ensure we provide the best customer service available along with dedicated marketing support, we only take on clients who are ready to dive to make things happen.

"NO hard sell, NO gimmicks, NO techy speak, just a conversion about your ideas and goals."